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If you would like to share your own personal memories from the Sydney 2000 Games click here (Max 200 words)

One of my favouite memories of the Olympic Games was when the countdown started for the commencement of the Opening Ceremony. The crowd started the countdown 10... 9... 8 ... then at zero suddenly it was on. After all those years of preparation - finally our time had come.

I was a Maltese immigrant (9yrs old) arrived in 1957 with all my family - 13 of us. It was hard the first 15 years but we managed to buy land and build on it. I left school at 14, went to work in all types of employment and was able to climb the ladder in each one. Finally I became a Sales and Marketing manager for the 15yrs before retiring. I went back to school and achieved my TPC for uni at the age of 47. This country has been good to me and all my family. It's a small price I made as a volunteer in the 2000 Olympic.

Edward (Eddy)
Volunteering at the Sydney Olympics was the best experience ever, volunteering in your own country and in your own backyard, and for some of us in our own backyard. Also got to meet other volunteers and new people.

Mavis was the oldest volunteer and was on TV and in news articles. She is now 93 and still volunteering everywhere, loves doing it all. She is currently volunteering at the FIFA World Soccer. She was interviewed by Denise Drysdale, the PM etc and they wanted to fly her to Melbourne but she didn't go. Written by Beverley Lake (friend)

My Olympic experience began in 1956 when my brother James Rixon carried the Olympic Torch on the Far North Coast of NSW. At that stage it was a huge honour for him, but to me it was a way of having a day off school!Then in 1997 I became a Pioneer Volunteer. Already 300 others had volunteered so there existed a growing feeling of excitement. Every week I went to the Hive [Volunteer base] at SOCOG Headquarters at Jones St to help with a variety of tasks, including liaising with schools, working on test events and promotional campaigns for volunteer recruitment.For many years I had been a volunteer driver at NSW Tennis Open so when the Transport Fleet was developed [ORTA] I became the first female driver. I was then invited to take part in the campaign to recruit volunteer drivers. This included bus, pamphlet and newspaper promotions. My husband and I both giggled when we found ourselves driving along city roads with my face looking at us from the back of the bus in front!The biggest pre-Games honour was to carry the Paralympic Torch but there are so many other wonderful memories and on-going friendships, the year 2000 will always be special.

My memories of Sydney's Games go back to 1992 when I joined 20 others in the very first meeting of volunteers to secure the Olympics for our City. I worked in many different areas in the lead up to the Games. There were numerous promotional meetings and events, both sporting and business; working in the SOCOG Office; launching of the logo, mascots and the art festivals; processing ticket requests; and as a member of the Speakers' Group, talking to groups such as new volunteers, businesses, service groups and schools.I was thrilled to carry the Torch at Cronulla on its arrival in Sydney 4 days before the Games. At Games time I worked on the Triathlons, Road Walks and Marathons. As a masters competitor in these events it was an incredible experience working alongside the elite of the world in fierce competition. How inspiring to see crowds of Sydneysiders, together with visitors from all over the world, lining streets, grandstands and the Opera House forecourt to cheer on their champions.The Games will always remind me of the uniting of people in the most fantastic atmosphere this City has seen, as well as the wonderful friendships I made during my involvement..

One of my memories of the Olympic Games was being there for the countdown, it is something I will never forget. And to be a Volunteer was the best thing I could have done.

For me everything is a life long memory from the countdown of the Olympics to the last day.

When we won the bid back in 1993. I was so happy that I was crying.When the volunteering programme was opened I applied straight away. At my interview, they asked me why I wanted to be a volunteer. With tears in my eyes, I said I always prayed for the Olympic Games to be in Sydney. I told my friend. She said you have the job for sure.Was allocated at the international airport as accreditation officer, meeting, greeting, checking passports and other important documents! Then laminating their accreditations and presenting them back to them. I meet sports people from around the world, princesses, politicians etc. When the Paralympians came through it was amazing. I take my hat off to these people with disabilities that are able to do all sports.Also, I will never forget the opening ceremony when the Olympic flag came down above our heads where we were sitting (I have these photos of something white and I have to think what it is) I also did the Athens 2004 games and I'm a member of "Spirit of Sydney".

I became a volunteer with SOCOG in early 1998 and worked in the "Hive" which was a type of mail room whilst waiting for the Olympic Roads and Transport Authority to be formed as after having driven for the World Junior Championships in Athletics in August, 1996. I wanted to also drive for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games so in July, 1998, I transferred to ORTA and became a Pioneer Olympic Driver.In 1999 when the Olympic Games Test Events were held I was appointed to be the driver for American Film Star, Geena Davis, while she was here in Sydney as she was part of the USA Archery Team. It was a pleasure to drive her to various destinations for her Archery Competitions.As a driver for Sydney 2000 Olympic Games I was appointed to drive Kevan Gosper to many meetings and venues along with Events which included many of his family and friends as visitors. I was so happy to be involved in these circumstances which gave me great joy and pride and a wonderful challenge. An unforgettable experience!.

Being an Olympic Volunteer was an experience that I'll long remember. My husband and I chose to do the early morning shift to allow us to attend night events. Our alarm would go off at 3:30am, a quick shower, donned the Olympic gear, quick bite to eat & off to catch the 4:30am bus. At that hour, the bus was filled with happy volunteers. There was a great sense of camaraderie and folk chatted happily for the length of the journey! As the days wore on and we had attended several night events after a day's work, including the opening ceremony, I remember feeling exhausted but determined to see it out. Sydney was alive! The weather was perfect! Everyone was on a high and we were delighted to receive daily compliments from overseas guests who were so impressed with Sydney Olympics. I believe the excellent transport system, especially the buses that seemed to cover our entire metropolitan area, has stood us in good stead for all future events held at the Olympic Venue. I treasure my memories.

My story is that, I probably had the best time of my life being a volunteer for the Sydney 2000 Olympic/Paralympic Games. I would not know where to begin to be able to share my fond memories with you. My house is full of memorable gadgets marked Sydney 2000 - all gathered during my time as a volunteer. Also, not forgetting the nice people I have met during that time and I am so looking forward to meet up again on the 15th of September at the 10 year celebration. Sydney here I come!!!!.

I drove for the Chef de Missions for team GB at the 2000 Olympic Games . There were many late nights and early mornings, I visited many venues and met some great people. That memory will live with me for the rest of my life, friends I made was beyond approachable. I am looking forward to this reunion very much.

Life in the stage management team was a blast! Eight months of rehearsals at Bankstown Airport then a warehouse in Silverwater, the airfield at Schofields and finally in the stadium. Regardless of how many tins of Milo were purchased, we always ran out. Teaching Nikki Webster Auslan Sign Language for ‘Under The Southern Skies’ while seated on the ‘scaff tower’ at Schofields. Two way radios collected from a tiny concrete room on the ring road in the stadium, meal tokens from Penny and Karen, quick breaks in the cafeteria while we watched the rehearsals progress in the bowl. Rain, rain and more rain! How many plastic ponchos did we hand out?! Stacking the cast in order at SIAC, walking them through the tunnel to the stadium, stacking them onto the spirals and in the vomitories, hurry up and wait! Wrist bands, accreditation passes, uniforms, don’t stand there… there’s a fish coming through! Enthusiasm, lots of laugher, boundless energy and hundreds of high-fives as the cast manoeuvred their way from place to place. Lycra! Lots and lots of Lycra! Then the ceremony itself, some quick rehearsals for Closing, then it was time for the Paralympics Ceremonies. I’ll NEVER forget Sydney 2000!

I was a Dispatch Officer at Darling Harbour during the Games and there were many Volunteers in all age brackets. One was a quite young girl named Kylie, who was on duty one night when I received a call to pick up a special person from the Opera House and drive her to Olympic Park. I called Kylie over to the desk and quietly asked if she would do a very special job for me. Of course she said yes and then I told her Sam Riley was her passenger. She was so exited she almost flew out the door. Later after the Games she sent me a Photo of Sam and her Autograph. In the card she had written what I think summed up every Volunteers feelings about the 2000 Games. Dear George, Thank you for providing me with the best once in a life time opportunity. I was very proud and felt extremely honoured. I am Australian to the bone and the day is one I will never forget. Thanks for the Memories. Love Kylie

Here is my Ode to ORTA

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm glad I came to work with you
The pay is good
the hours great
they don't care
If you come late
I write in cards
I'm a letter sorter
The work is good
When your at ORTA
They give you pins
To keep you keen
So I don't feel like
An old has been
When it's over
and our race is run
I will be proud
Of what we've done


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